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Bloomington Classical Guitar Society
BCGS Board Meeting: Thursday August 14 at 7:30 pm
Announcements for February 2014:
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Performances this Month

- Atanas Tzvetkov  
Saturday February 15, 2014
livery Winery
-4 pm.

Russell Nebelung
Saturday February 15, 2014
IU Doctoral Recital
Auer Hall
8 pm

- Stephen Brew
Saturday February 22, 2014
IU Doctoral Recital
Auer Hall
2 pm
Jacobs Guitar Academy at Indiana University is now accepting adult students.  Formerly known as the IU Pre-College Guitar
Program, the Jacobs Guitar Academy has been providing outstanding instruction to youth and young adult students for many years.  Starting
this  term, the program is now open to adult students who wish to study solo guitar in a variety of styles.  The Academy will also be offering
beginning ensemble classes for adult students who would like to perform with others, but do not yet feel ready to audition for the BCGS
Ensemble.  Bloomington Classical Guitar Society congratulates the Jacobs Guitar Academy on this exciting expansion and we look forward to
working with them on future community projects!

Bloomington Classical Guitar Society would like to welcome Dr. Atanas Tzvetkov as our new BCGS Ensemble